77th Workshop: Unconventional computing: materials science, physics, informatics, hardware, software, applications

The unconventional computing is a niche for interdisciplinary science, cross-bred of computer science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, electronic engineering, biology, material science and nanotechnology. This workshop will address principles and mechanisms of information processing and functional properties of physical, chemical and living systems to develop efficient algorithms, design optimal architectures and manufacture working prototypes of future and emergent computing devices.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together active scientists in the different areas relevant to the interdisciplinary field of unconventional computing (UC) to discuss recent advances in materials science and physics of reservoirs, theoretical models of dynamical systems, applications in different fields such as information processing (classical, non-Von-Neumann, and quantum), neuroelectronics, and art. The workshop is addressing young researchers and newcomers as well as leading scientists active in the different aspects of UC to discuss the most important questions and find directions to answer them. The scientific focus of this workshop will be on 1. Dynamical Systems Models, 2. Physical reservoirs, 3. Software, 4. Applications.